The first question that people ask me is "how do I keep the shipping containers cool"

and this how it's done to 100% satisfaction

(1) positioning the container in the right direction to minimise the direct sun
(2) curtains on all the windows that could potentially get direct sun
(3) heat reflective paint (95%) on all exterior walls and roof
(4) The architects also placed lots of small windows on both sides of the container. This allows the cool air to blow in one side of the container and out of the other, taking the warm air with it. It’s all about utilizing the natural environment in a smart way to keep heat out of the rooms.
(5) multiple air conditioners in the large rooms
(6) film on all the windows
(7) insulate the only interior walls that get direct sunlight
(8) concrete roof rather than ceramic tiles and paint with #3 above
(9) oscillating fans in all rooms
(10) roof exhaust fans

You are only 7 KM from the moat yet your only neighbour across from the shipping container is seen below

This house is located at San Phi Suea Sub-district. only 5mins drive to NIS International School, Meechok plaza, Rimping, Tesco lotus, Pharmacy, local market, banks, hidden village, the elephant parade and one minute to the middle ring road. There are new homes being built from 14,000,000 million baht to 20,000,000 million Baht homes


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shipping container homes

There is a spiral staircase going from ground level to the second level with walls of glass and desk

40 feet of insulated walls and roof as well as multiple air conditioners to resolve the heating issue.


Each of the two bedrooms has a private ensuite bathroom

one of the ensuite bedrooms above

absolutely breathtaking views from the second level office

State of the art American kitchen with gas burners, oven, clothes washing machine
the art and the furniture makes this one of a kind

black & white is the theme of this 40ft. container which is kitchen dinning living room

turning a shipping container into a piece of art

there will be grass between the two parallel shipping containers





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So what we have is two 40ft X 10ft containers with 10 ft open space between for BBQ, seating, whatever. The right hand container is living, dining,kitchen. The left is two bedrooms & two bathrooms. The center container is office/3rd bedroom

this is from the second level office with amazing views. same below different angle


absolutely the most exciting furnishings south east Asia has to offer




each bathroom has access from the bedroom as well as the space between the containers


ultra modern American kitchen