My wife and I just finished building a house next to my
friends, elephant refuge. The photo above is one our
way to look at land in this tiny mountain village



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OK we've identified 4.5 Rai of land (about two acres) which is a side of a mountain with brooks running on two sides of our new property, made an offer, got accepted and we are excited to death

two days with a backhoe and the construction can start

our nearest neighbor allowed us to use their electricity to build and I of course paid the bills

The water to the house comes from the mountain and yes it is FREE


As i mentioned, the neighbor allowed us to use their electicity to build until we got our electric meter installed. I downloaded an APP from the electric company so I could pay the bill promptly--It has never been over 300 Baht (TEN dollars) for bothhouses



we have rose apples on the property



no Michelin stars but not bad our ONLY restaurant in the village

tea plantation near the house

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To celibrate, we met with our lawyer in the village's ONLY restaurant (above). The food is incredibly delicious and no more than 70 cents
this is where we decided to build


our other nighbors are about 10 minutes away
i'll fast forward to today when the mountain house is complete

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The staff from Elephant highlands moved our belongings from Chiang Mai to the new house

We had to go to town hall to pay two years taxes which had been in arrears. The bill for two years was 98 Baht (just under three dollars)


one of a hundred lychee trees
1 of a 100 lychee trees



incredibly daunting job of beating back the jungle to lay the lawn. The staff from the the elephant highlands comes down to do this back breaking work

we now have 100 coffee bushes as well as chilli and lemon grass



first lychee of the season